Research & Development

Consistent innovation is one of the key beliefs at Two Rivers Coffee and our focus on Research & development is at the heart of that. Our team of dedicated experts are constantly engaged in creating and sourcing new coffees, teas, and powdered products to cater to the ever-changing market. Our on-site laboratory is furnished with the latest quality control & testing equipment. Taste, quality, formulation, and packaging are all scrutinized for absolute perfection.

Branded Products

From our signature Brooklyn Bean Roastery specialty grade coffees two our Prospect Tea line of artisanal teas we strive to create and bring to market new and innovative products. One of the core competencies at Two Rivers Coffee is the ability to identify opportunities and address them as well as introduce new concepts to the marketplace.

Licenced Products

Our numerous licensed product lines have made us experts in flavor matching. Through extensive testing trials, Two Rivers Coffee has refined our flavor matching processes to have the ability to achieve specific flavor profiles and targeted tastes and mouth feels to precisely tailor each of our blends for consistency. Just getting close isn’t good enough -the essence of the targeted flavors must be captured to provide an authentic experience.


We have worked with numerous Private Label and Co-Packaging customers to achieve specific flavor profiles. Our in-house food scientist, along with our sensory trained R&D team, collaborate with the companies that we are Co-Packaging for to make sure they fully understand the scope and specific goals of each project in order to properly bring the vision into fruition.