Craft roasting is a display of craftsmanship — the application of professional skill and exacting precision to produce specific flavor profiles for a truly exceptional cup of coffee.Years of experience, roast profiling, and rigorous quality control go into making each batch of Two Rivers Coffee.

Bean Selection

The type of beans that are used largely determine a coffee’s taste. It’s important to use the right beans in order to produce the unique flavors & notes for a specific flavor profile . The best craft coffees start with specialty grade coffee beans. We get most of our beans from Brazil, Columbia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, & Ethiopia.

Roasting Temperature

Each coffee bean has its own perfect degree of roast depending on how and where it was grown, the varietal, size and shape of the bean. Our master roaster accounts for those variations and makes changes to 1) the amount of heat applied and 2) the flow of air while roasting. This ensures that the unique characteristics are brought out of each batch that is roasted. The master roaster refines the ramping (change in temperature per minute) in small increments to control the roast color and flavor as we take the bean on a journey to perfection.  All this is done with precision – even a few seconds difference can change the way a roast states.The goal is to achieve a perfect color that is consistent throughout the bean.

Roast size

All of our roasting is done in small batches which enables us to make adjustments and have more control over how the roast turns out. Instead of some beans ending up burnt or under-roasted, small batch roasting allows us to keep a better eye on all the beans. Paying special attention throughout this process prevents having even a few poorly roasted beans that can produce sour, bitter, or burnt coffee flavors.

“At roaster” Cupping

Cupping is the widely used method of analysis for a coffee sample and “at roaster cupping” enables the master roaster to inspect a roast profile to ensure the full development of the coffee’s flavor notes right away. For proper cupping, hot water is poured onto freshly roasted and ground beans directly into the cup and allowed to steep for 3–5 minutes. The infusion is then mixed and the foamy head removed. This ensures that every coffee that makes it out of our roasting room is of the highest quality and taste without any potential defects or unwanted flavors. We roast with love & care and enjoy sharing our delicious creation with the world.